Our Story

Tofarati, you will not and never be forgotten. We miss you, and we love you dearly

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Tofarati Angels is a charity set up in memory of Oluwatofarati Joshua Fasheun (Known as Tofarati).


Tofarati' parents migrated to Australia in 1998 as skilled migrants.


Tofarati was born in Australia 15 May 2000. He passed away 25th July 2015; he was aged 15years and buried in Sydney; see https://www.heavenaddress.com

He survived by two brothers, parents and friends who love and miss him so dearly.


With the experience, lessons learned and as a continuation of the journey of care and love;

a charity is being set up in memory of Oluwatofarati. 


The charity aim is to support special needs children and their families. 


We have called the charity “Tofarati Angels.” As a mother, I feel anyone that supported us while Oluwatofarati was physically on earth is an angel. 


We believe there are many angels out there who can help special needs children and their families.


We might not be able to change the lives of all special needs children in the whole world.



However, together, we can help just one special need child or one family at a time. You are welcome and

strongly encouraged to be part of this love and care  journey in memory of Tofarati





Poem by:  Dorothy E. Scott 

His Heavenly Wings A Mother’s Prayer For Her Heavenly Son, Tofarati
















His Heavenly Wings
My Lord, You honored my son with his heavenly wings,
Knowing his life struggle had become too hard to bear.
His body had become feeble from the fight,
Leaving him broken and bruised inside.
I miss his enlightening smile,
Radiating my dismal days with his joyful laughter.
He carried the only richness a mother wants,
When dealing with her special needs son.
Reaching out with just one request, Oh Lord!
I implore You to give me one last hug and kiss.
Though my journey was trying and difficult at times,
You gave me the strength to reach beyond every obstacle!
Hold my handsome boy close in Your arms,
Tell him his mother loves him so!

Eternally I will wait for my chance to recapture,
Another special moment with my son, I miss so.
 Listen to Lord Jesus to my desperate plea!
Heal my heart feeling such sorrow with your love.
Weeping a mother’s tear in my loneliness,
I know my child will always be safe in your kingdom.
Many parents will experience the joys and the heartaches,
When dealing with their sick and special needs child.
Each every tomorrow will bring another obstacle to overcome.
On their miracle journey with their disabled angel.
Lord, Help them to believe in complete healing,
Keeping Your faith in every moment,
Experiencing all Your blessings in their lives,
Knowing their child is a miracle always!

Dorothy E. Scott -  Poet For The Lord
© Copyrighted 2017